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School Daze




By Jack E. Dawson




The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.
Proverbs 1:7

     Teacher.  Perhaps there is no greater calling in life than to offer guidance, instruction, love, discipline, and encouragement!  An educator is truly a gift to be held in highest esteem.  They push us beyond our expectations and inspire great things out of each unique and precious life.  Their influence will help shape, mold and fashion our next generation long after the final bell has sounded.  We thank God for teachers.

     Do you remember a great teacher who was a positive influence in your life?  Or, sometimes, do you look back and think of a situation or circumstance that brought confusion and conflict?  “School Daze” challenges us to examine what we teach and what we are taught. The one-room schoolhouse seems typical, but upon further investigation you will find a tension between right and wrong, absolute truth and subtle error.  Absolute truth, found in the Bible, leads to right choices.  Subtle error, ignoring God and His principles, leads to wrong choices.  Good character is either being encouraged and growing or discouraged and fading.  The battle that rages becomes a basic struggle of good over evil, right over wrong.  One example:  In this painting, the American Flag seems to be fading away.  As a representation of the principles and values on which America was established, is the flag fading away or being strengthened?  What is being taught will directly affect the future of this great nation, and through it, the entire world. 
     The test for the viewer is to identify the 35 inconsistencies, errors or contrasts in the painting and consider the importance of each in the life of the learner.  


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