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Freedom's Legacy


by Jack E. Dawson




Tell...your children of it, and let your children tell their children,
and their children another generation.  Joel 1:3

  The aged veteran sits in an old log cabin, sharing stories of the sacrifice required for our freedom; a precious gift he has cherished, protected and procured for those he loves and the God he trusts. Observe his careful handling of the flag, draped across his heart and lap, never touching the floor. Notice the little rocker in front of him where a child sat, learning “just one more story” of endurance, truth and service.  The electronic tablet in the child’s chair evokes the changing generations.  The chest by the window holds treasures that remind us to handle our legacy as we would any treasure and to make a lasting impact for good in the world.  Can you find the plane, tank, battleship, and train?  Note they are all in motion as if in battle, suggesting a living story being told.  The antique clock on the wall registers 9:00 – the hour of the greatest battle ever fought.  An heirloom spinning wheel pulls a crimson thread from the old Family Bible in the chest, telling of our greatest freedom through His sacrifice.  The thread of freedom flows through the flag and into the hand-woven rug, symbolizing His message of redemption to the entire world.  

     Do you see the empty frame beside the trunk?  It is for your story; to share the treasured memories you hold in your heart with your family and friends.  May we always take the time to live, honor and teach freedom’s legacy.

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