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Celebrate Freedom

"Celebrate Freedom"
by Jack E. Dawson

celebrate-freedom-spire.jpgcelebrate-freedom-by-jack-dawson.jpgOne of America’s greatest icons has been her church steeples.  Over our history they have filled many important purposes in community life, reminding us of our heritage of faith and the importance of worship.

The spire at the top beckons us to look heavenward, pointing us toward God, the creator and sustainer of life.

The light tower is a beacon that shows us the way and reminds us to trust in The Light of the World, Jesus Christ.   

celebrate-freedom-bell.jpgThe bell tower, or belfry, houses the “church bell.”  In the past the church bell was used to summon worshippers as well as sound announcements of births, deaths and even alarms.  We, the church, are to sound a clear and distinct message about the Gospel of Christ. 

“BC” and “AD” on the clock tower signify the eternal message of hope and freedom.  Note that the clock is pointing to 5 minutes before midnight, warning us that the time to celebrate freedom is always now.  We must redeem the time and use it wisely. 

celebrate-freedom-dove.jpgThe eagle watching over the church symbolizes power and freedom that comes from a reverential trust in God and a personal relationship with Him through Christ.

The Spirit of God that brings life to the church is represented by a dove on the belfry.

Fireworks that celebrate America’s freedom surround the steeple representing spiritual freedom. 

The painting looks upward to the CROSS, the source of all freedom.  Note the two other crosses hidden in the light tower windows.

celebrate-freedom-joy-faith-love-hope.jpgThe words FAITH, HOPE, LOVE and JOY in the brickwork remind us of freedom’s blessing and responsibility.

Whenever we see a steeple ascending, may we be reminded of our true liberty and the reason to Celebrate Freedom every day.



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